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Latest Releases
Version Released Release Notes
Links 2015.2 SP3 December 2016 Download 2015.2 SP3 Bug Fixes
Download Event Ticketing User Guide
Links Version 2015.2 June 2016 Download 2015.2 Release Notes
Links Version
Service Pack
September 2014 Download Release Notes
Links Version August 2014 Download Release Notes Version 440 August 2014

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Links Version 9.9 January 2013 Download Release Notes
Download USA Release Notes


Recent Product Changes
Item Module Version
Active Carrot Classes Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Class absences online Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Class makeups online Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Class Level Descriptions and graphics Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Classtype filter for online registrations Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Class Progress in the Customer Portal Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Payment history in the Customer Portal Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Advanced logic filters for online registration Active Carrot Version 2015.2
CC email for online class registrations Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Increased branding and website integration Active Carrot Version 2015.2
ICS attachments on Session bookings Active Carrot Version 2015.2
Audit log additions including completely deleted bookings Admin Version 2015.2
Restrictions on overpaying class bookings POS Version 2015.2
EMV credit card processing (USA only) POS Version 2015.2
Increased Return, Refund, Reversal and Void function (USA only) POS Version 2015.2
Full screen Point of Sale POS Version 2015.2
Email Transaction Receipts POS Version 2015.2
Ref # Mandatory Field option Links Core Version 2015.2
New splash screen and ‘smart selection’ Links Core Version 2015.2
Other Purchase Run preview Integrated Payments Manager Version 2015.2
Full screen Visual Scheduler Classes Version 2015.2
Void Date added to the voided transaction report Reporting Version 2015.2
ClassMobile Active Carrot Version
ClassMobile Manager Active Carrot Version
Customer Purchases Version
Compatibility with Active Carrot Active Carrot Version
Member vs casual facility pricing by membership type Facility Version
Ability to use visit passes for facility bookings Facility Version
Ability to lock facility bookings to staff members/roles Facility Version
Ability to book facilities with a trainer/coach Facility Version
Ability to clone products & services Admin Version
Ability to alter session access in bulk Admin Version
A wide range of stock module improvements Stock Version
A wide range of ClassWeb improvements ClassWeb Version
New features and fixes to Access2 module Access2 Version
Ability to lock POS buttons to certain timeframes POS Version
Ability to name discount buttons and track customer use POS Version
Online purchasing for new members Online Memberships Version 9.9
Variety of facility module changes (see Version 9.80 release notes) Facility Version 9.9
Ability to use classweb and without the need for SMTP in Links ClassWeb/All Modules Version 9.9
Corporate Memberships (split payment between member and client or client pays in full) POS/Members Version 9.9
Integrated CC Payments (USA Only) POS Version 9.9
PC-EFTPOS (Aus Only) POS Version
Ability to select date range for invoices POS Version 9.9
Ability to add products & services to a direct debit account and bill Version 9.9
Ability to sell Products & Services online ClassWeb Version 9.9


Product Compatability expiry
  • Microsoft Windows XP & Server 2003 will no longer be compatible or supported with any Links products after 31st of December 2015
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will no longer be compatible from Links Version 2015.2 onwards.