Enhancement/Bug Number Description Build Number
E4309 Add History Table for HostParameters 2015.2.174
E3435 Access Daily (or longer) access for casual tickets 2015.2.194
E2403 Change POS visit to use minutes setting from visit parameters screen 2015.2.172
E4309 Added history tables for Tills, SiteParameters, LocationParameters and triggers to record all changes to those tables 2015.2.172
B5577 Stop Stack trace error on some upgrade scenarios 2015.2.212
B5655 Breakdown of special productrs added to Sales Cat by Till report 2015.2.211
B4986 Facility Booking Usage by child to have Peak & Offpeak filtering 2015.2.211
B5521 Stop error in Facility Booking Usage by Child report 2015.2.211
B5769 Stop Links Share from remaining after Links is closed 2015.2.209
B5761 Stop Responsible People holding more than one Family record 2015.2.209
B5763 Stop Orphanned students from occurring 2015.2.209
B5442 Bulk Session Update issue if staffcode not numeric 2015.2.209
B5752 Cancelled Enquiry lines causing load issues 2015.2.209
B5539 Ability to issue invoice with archived transactions 2015.2.208
B5503 Audit Log formatting issue 2015.2.207
B5627 Ability to void Voucher transaction 2015.2.207
B5724 Issue with Sessions Setup by Location 2015.2.207
B5729 Student Waitlist without Family Record can lock Links for a duration wjhile family is created 2015.2.207
B5655 Sales Cat by Till Breakdoewm not showing correct service code 2015.2.204
B5672 Facility Rounding Issue? when using overrides 2015.2.203
B5661 Stop Student Details screen from removing a student from their Family 2015.2.202
B5618 Added Duplicate Families Responsible Person Constraint 2015.2.194
B5610 Sales Category Report performance improvements 2015.2.192
B5574 Access Off Peak Times using incorrect day of week conversion 2015.2.192
B5000 When opening a new module the icon flashes on the taskbar and does not open over the top. 2015.2.192
B5550 Integrated EFTPOS not printing merchant receipt with signature line 2015.2.190
B5521 Facility Booking Usage? By Child report fails with a type mismatch when reporting on client bookings 2015.2.186
B5516 Fix for duplicated FacilitySubParts records causing Facility searching related slowness 2015.2.184
B5507 Reporting Exception error in Customer Marketing report. 2015.2.183
B5504 Correctly write TransactionLinePayments when paying for Family Credit using multiple Tenders 2015.2.182
B5497 Correctly write TransactionLinePayments for Transaction that contains multiple Family Credit Payments 2015.2.182
B5171 POS Invoice FirstPrinted date changes on re-prints & views. Also conditionally set FirstPrinted if Null for Invoice With Facility Bookings 2015.2.182
B5429 Update minimum allow version of IPM due to breaking DB change (This version or later requires IPM 2015.2.53 or later) 2015.2.177
B5464 Performance improvement for Sales Cat by Tender report 2015.2.176
B5429 Ensure approval date of a debit run is set using the Client time (to ensure it is processed at the correct time) 2015.2.175
B5430 Fix saving of Bank details when using Integrated Payments with only card vaulting 2015.2.174
B5394 Attendance by Entry Report missing visits 2015.2.174
B5392 Access Bulk Messages with expiry date not preventing access 2015.2.172
B5357 Change Enter key behaviour in address field to not act as a Tab on Setup Client screen 2015.2.172
B5357 Ensure Client Address fields allow consistent other characters to Customer Address 2015.2.172
B5363 Ensure Tokens are deleted properly if only Credit Cards are being vaulted 2015.2.172
B5358 Uses Amounts from AccountPayments when determing Total if it is an Account Payment. 2015.2.172
B5347 Fix issue upgrading some clients with audit records containing LinksPay urls in the Reason field 2015.2.167
B5346 Ensure Family Discount Site Parameter is 0 if currently empty 2015.2.166
B5259 Fix issue stopping Customer Photos from being saved 2015.2.166
B5335 Add new indexes and update implementation of SubPartsRecreate to run per location 2015.2.166
B5337 Adding missing indexes identified from review of Links 2015.2 live database 2015.2.166
B5317 Bulk Price update screen showing a price update for a different location is active at this location when looking at the screen 2015.2.165
B5271 POS Customer Spend Statement shows incorrect amounts when a pay split is involved 2015.2.165
Bxxxx Fix issue with large card numbers in cards table causing overflow 2015.2.165
B5125 Major Events Report fix 2015.2.222