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Offer Data

Please provide our team with clear details for each promotional offer you intend to showcase in this Phoenix Rewards campaign. There is no limit to the number of offers your organisation can submit for this campaign. In fact, we highly recommend providing as many attractive offers as possible to increase the perceived value of membership renewal.

Successful Offer Examples:

  • Discounted memberships (monthly/fortnightly)
  • $0 Renewal/Joining Fee
  • FREE Initial Health Assessment
  • FREE 1-to-1 PT session(s)
  • FREE Small-Group PT Session(s)
  • 2 x FREE “Bring a Friend – [x] day pass”
  • [xx]% off Merchandise Card
  • Click here to preview sample offers from past campaigns.

    Note: This form may be used to submit one (1) offer per submission. The Offer Submission [confirmation page] will provide a link to return to submit another offer.

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