In order for our team to effectively organise the successful launch of your Phoenix Rewards campaign, we require a few important details to get started. There are two (2) forms requiring criteria for building a Phoenix Rewards campaign.

  1. Organisation & Specification Data:
    • Site Location(s)
      • Point of Contact
      • “From” Email Address
    • Digital Campaign History
    • Campaign Specifications:
      • Conditional Filtering [Campaign Recipients List]
  2. Offer Data
    • Preview sample offers from previous campaigns
    • Add offers

Active Carrot – Phoenix Rewards – Club & Specification Data

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  • What organisation would you like to register for this Phoenix Rewards campaign?
  • Please register location and Point of Contact (POC) details for each location that will included for this Phoenix Rewards campaign.

    Title/Reference: Suggestions “Head Office”, “Sole Location”, “[Council] Leisure Centre”, [Location Nickname], etc

    POC: Please provide direct contact details for communicating with the Point of Contact (POC) that will be liaising with our team for this Phoenix Rewards campaign. Note: Please specify the POC details for each location.

    “From” Email: In order to ensure a stronger opening rate from recipients, Phoenix Rewards campaign utilises an email address that represents your organisation. Example:

    Title/Reference Street Address Suburb State POC Name POC Phone POC Email "From" Email  
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