MembershipMobile is a staff facing extension module which allows staff to sell Membership Contracts or Visit Passes via a mobile device.

MembershipMobie Example


Fields Marked with a * are required
* Location Name
* Decide on whether you want to ask custom questions:

These will appear on the Membership Contract form at the time of a new sign up.

MembershipMobile Custom Questions Example

* Decide on whether you wish to collect emergency details:

* Decide on if you wish to use a PDF membership form that would be sent to online joining Customers as an attachment:

This is a PDF attachment that gets sent to the Customer once the Membership Contract purchase has been processed. The PDF form can contain merge fields which will automatically populate these fields (XML overlay).

Example Membership PDF Form

For more information on this please refer tot his article:

Creating An XML Overlay

* Do you have the internal technical expertise to design an XML overlay file for the membership form merge fields?
* Decide on an email address that all membership purchases will be CC’d to:
* Prepare your general Terms & Conditions
Prepare your Direct Debit Terms & Conditions