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* Location Name
* Identify  & enter the Membership Types you wish to sell online:
* Identify & enter the Visit Pass Types you wish to sell online:
* Can current members choose their own start date of the Membership Contract?

Example Choose Own Start Date

* How many days ahead can current Members set the Start Date:
* Can new Customers choose their own start date of the Membership Contract?

* How many days ahead can new Customers set the Start Date:
* Decide on whether you want to ask custom questions during the sign up process:

Example Custom Questions

* Do you want to collect emergency details for new Customers?

* Label for Membership Contract Start Date:

For example: Contract Start Date or Membership Start Date

Example Start Date Label Field

* Decide on an email address that all membership purchases will be CC’d to:
* Decide on whether you will allow Customer’s to to enter either or both Credit Card and Bank accounts for ongoing Direct Debit:

Example Customer View – Choose Ongoing Payment Details

* Do you wish to provide discounts to different membership categories when a purchase is made through ActiveCarrot?

* Do you wish to group your memberships?

This will allow you to have specific terms and conditions for each membership group and use a separate URL per membership group.

Example Membership Grouping

* Do you wish to make a Visit Pass purchase compulsory with a specific membership purchase online?

* If yes, please list your membership group options:
* If yes, please list your membership bundles below:
* Prepare your payment comment:

This is a small comment that appears above the Credit Card collection fields: For Example: “This transaction will appear on your statement as XXXX”.

Example Payment Comment

* Prepare your general Terms & Conditions
* Prepare & enter your DDR Terms & Conditions:
* Prepare your Important Information Terms & Conditions.

This can be used if you wish to highlight certain T&C’s.

* Decide if you would like to add a customized PDF membership form that would be sent to online joining customers?

This PDF membership form is a secondary attachment that gets sent as part of the confirmation email with an XML overlay. The XML overlay function inserts available Customer data into the form, removing the necessity for paper forms. There are only certain data fields which can be used for the PDF form, for more information on this please visit our knowledgebase article here: Creating an XML Overlay

Example Membership PDF Form