Fields Marked with a * are required
* Location Name
* Do you wish to have public Session Bookings available for new Customers?

This means that Sessions will be hidden from the public URL’s and that Sessions will still be available for your existing Customer’s via the ActiveCarrot Customer Portal.

* Identify which Sessions you wish to publish online:
* How many days ahead can Casual bookings be made?
* How many days ahead can Member bookings be made?
* How many Sessions can a Customer book into the future?

This means they can only book 5 ahead, but as soon as one of those have been attended, they can book another one.

* When a Customer books a Session with a Visit Pass and then cancels the booking, is the visit returned to the Visit Pass?

If yes, how many minutes prior to the Session must the booking be cancelled?

If a Customer cancels a Session within this number of minutes the Visit Pass will not be returned.

* Do you wish to provide a percentage based discount to Online Session Bookings? These discounts are applied by group and can have an expiry date loaded against them.

* You are able to group sessions together under a session button. For example, you can add all the aqua sessions under an AQUA button, or you can add all the crèche sessions under a CRECHE button. Please list below the different buttons you would like to set up.

Example Session Groupings