Bookings & Invoicing Questionnaire
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Facility Details
* Site Name
* Please list all the areas, assets etc that you take bookings for.
* Please detail how these bookings are charged & paid for.
* Do you require deposits?
* Do you collect bonds?
* Do you have variable pricing for the same facility? i.e. Schools vs Public rate
* How are refunds processed?
* Please detail your current invoicing process, if applicable.
* Do you invoice for anything other than bookings? If so, please detail.
* Do you have any multi purpose pools (i.e. a 50m)
which can also be booked as 2 x 25m pools?
* If you have a pool, do you book out half lanes?
* Do you have court hire? If so, do you offer only
full court bookings or half/other court as well?
* Do you offer Badminton/Similar bookings? Is so, is that on a specific court/space?
* Do you book Personal Training?
If you book PT, what are your costs & booking types?
Do you offer any memberships or packs of PT?


Booking Particulars

* How far in advance do you currently have recorded bookings for?
* Do you have any booking time restrictions such as minimums start times etc?
* Do you currently specify setup & packdown times?
* Do you currently record swim school schedules on your booking sheets?
* If a booking is not invoiced, is payment required at time of booking or on the day of the booking or after? Please explain.
* Do you run team sports? Please detail how you facilitate this currently.
* Do you offer Birthday Parties? Please explain.