General Information Questionnaire
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General POS Information
* Site Name
Do you offer weekend or other casual regular discount rates? If so please explain.
Do you sell gift vouchers? Please explain how they work.
* Do you offer layby?
* Do you offer employee or customer credit? i.e Cafe account
* Do you operate a cafe or similar?
* Do you sell Retail/Merchandise?
* Please list the names of all reports that are run on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly basis and what they are used for.
* Do you invoice customers for anything other than bookings? If so, please explain.

Digital Integration

* Do you have any website integrations? If so, please detail. i.e. Group Fitness Schedule, Lap Lane Availability.
* Do you offer sales from your website? i.e. Membership sales.
* Do you offer inquiries from your website?

Cash Management

* How many EFTPOS terminals are onsite
* Is there a separate cash counting room, if not where is cash counted?
* Is there CCTV in the cash counting area?
* Is there a drop safe that only employees & armaguard can access together? Please explain.

File Upload

Please upload a copy of your current casual price list or email it to ensuring the file is named your sitename_casualprices (100MB Max)
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