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Site Details
* Name & phone of Team member completing this questionnaire
* Site Name
* IT Contact Name
* IT Contact Email
* IT Contact Phone
* Is Internet Connectivity available on all computers within the facility?

Hardware Details – Please list as “None” if not in use
* Please list each computer name in the facility & its current Operating System i.e. Mary’s PC Windows 7, POS 1 Windows 8.1
* Please list the Make, Models & connection type (i.e. Serial or USB) of all Receipt Printers.
* Do all cash drawers at POS open when a sale is performed? Or did they in the past? Please explain
*Please list the Make, Models & connection type of all POS Barcode Scanners.
* Please list the Make, Models & connection type of all photo cameras.
* Do all POS Stations have a touchscreen

* If not all POS stations have a touchscreen, how many don’t have one

* Are there any touchscreens that have a screen smaller than 17inch

Barcode Cards- Please list as “None” if not in use
* Are barcode entry passes currently in use?

* What type of barcodes are in use?

What format of barcodes are used?
Barcode Only: If known please list the card number ranges in use, if not please list 5 example card numbers
RFID- Please list as “NA” if not in use
* Is RFID used at the site?

RFID Data Carriers Currently in use


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