Swim School & Other Programs Questionnaire
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General Information
* Site Name
* Please select which of the following you offer.
 Swim School
 Holiday Intensive Programs
 Swim Squads
 Holiday Vacation Care
 Other Children’s programs
* Please select which booking types you offer.
 DD Bookings
 Term Bookings
 Pay As You Go Bookings
 Casual Bookings
 Trial Bookings
* If you offer Term bookings, do all programs use the same dates?
* How do you split up your pool for lessons?
* How early can students enter the facility before lessons?


Bookings Information

* Please explain the process when you move students from level to level or for change of day/time preference.
* Do you have a wait list?
* Do you offer Adult Lessons?
If you have an end of term process, please detail.
* Do you offer Make-up Lessons? Please explain your policy.
* Do you offer assessments? How do they work?
* How are student attendances recorded?


Financial Information

* Do you have registration/joining fees?
If you do have Registration/Joining fees, please explain how they work
* Do you offer Swim School suspensions/time holds?
If you do offer suspensions, please explain how they work.
* What is your discount structure if any?
* What is your cancellation & refund policy?
* What is your credit policy?
* If you take term bookings, is full payment or a deposit required?
* Are students allowed to swim outside of class times & included in their fees?
* Do you charge for lessons that fall on public holidays?


Direct Debitting

Please select which DD debit options you offer.
Please list the next upcoming debit dates.
If you have Direct Debit, do you charge over school holidays?


Additional Information – If Applicable

Please explain how your holiday intensives work, if applicable.
Please explain how your vacation care works, if applicable.
Please explain how your squad bookings work, if applicable.
Please explain how your gymnastics bookings work,
if applicable.
Please list as much information as possible about any other children’s programs that you offer. Particularly how it’s booked, when they attend, and how it’s paid for. 
Please tell us in as much detail as possible about any other programs such as a 10wk Pilates course, that you run like Swim School Bookings, excluding weekly Group Fitness.
Please note Group Fitness questions are included on the Memberships & Fitness Questionnaire.