Are you Churning Members? Learn to define your point of difference

If your ‘members leaving’ stat is anywhere near the amount of members joining, your club is on a slippery slope to going under.

Recently when talking to Tamara James-Reid, general manager of Bayfit, she mentioned there were a number of issues to consider to ensure your business model was profitable.

Also known as a Unique Selling Proposition, the Point of Difference (PoD) separates you from doing what your competitors are doing in your area.

Tamara states, if you can’t articulate your PoD then “you’re a sheep, so you have no deep value proposition. If you have no point of difference, be prepared to churn members!”

The PoD is the key to being able to grow or shrink your membership. It’s not just you either, it also relates to whether your staff are able to articulate and evangelise what makes your club different from the others.

A helpful hint though, it is NEVER about being the cheapest!

So how do you identify your PoD and then spread the message as far as you can to let everyone know?

Here are some helpful article to help you define your PoD:

If you wish to read more about the topic, here are some additional resources you may find helpful in gaining a better understanding:

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