Industry Profile – Operations Coordinator, Aaron Moore

Our Industry Profile series takes a look at personalities and roles within the sport and leisure industry. Today, we talk to WynActive’s Aaron Moore, the Operations Coordinator at their AquaPulse facility, ahead of its grand opening on July 27th 2015.


Links: How long have you been in the industry?

Aaron: I’ve been in the industry for about 7.5 years now. Started back home in a small country town called Gisborne, started working in the pools out there then slowly moved my way up and around and ended up here 7.5 years later.


Links: What is your role here?

Aaron: As the Operations Coordinator I looked after the pool deck side of things such as the lifeguards, our centre care managers, at the same time I look after a bit of the plant operations. This is the slide operations and all the equipment on the pool deck as well as with the centre care managers, a bit of operations all the way around the facilities as a bit of a “go to” person.


Links: Your facility hasn’t opened officially yet to the public, so can you tell us a little about the grand opening?

Aaron: So with AquaPulse we are opening on the 27th June 2015, first day of school holidays so going to be nice and busy. We have lots of exciting things planned. During the holidays we will be open, the slides will be running, everything will be running – it’s going to be good fun.


Links: Fantastic, and the long term goal for Aaron in the industry? What’s your hope? Are you going to be running a facility at some stage?

Aaron: One day, maybe, or retiring in a couple of years; we will see how it goes.My ultimate goal, – well I really love the industry, I’ve worked my way into it, networking, I know heaps of people who work in it now and I really enjoy that side of things. I’d love to move up you know, kick my boss out of his job one day and move up into that management role. Leading a facility and being able to engage the newcomers to the industry is something that I really enjoy so I want to be in that leadership position, developing the new guys.


Links: Great, so you said you worked your way into that position in Gisborne, was it always something you wanted to do? Entering the sport and leisure industry?

Aaron: Initially it was going to be a good experience getter, but then I fell in love with it and fell out of love with my other Uni aspirations so I kind of worked my way into it as opposed to gun-ho at the get go, but I think that’s what happens in the industry, you jump in you love it and then you just keep going with it.


Links: How did you get the coveted role; so where have you come from before this position and talk about how you landed the role of operations coordinator?

Aaron: Previous to this I worked for the Geelong Council in their swim, sports, leisure facility. I’ve worked in a number of roles, team leader roles, operations coordinator roles, duty manager roles. At the end of last year I applied for a job here to get the experience in a new facility. Fortunately enough I was given the opportunity to come across, so the guys in Geelong weren’t too happy but I managed to bring that training background; – I’m a trainer for Lifesaver Victoria as well, so I have managed to bring that training experience across and I think that has given me the edge here to get everyone started from day one.


Links: Congratulations on being successful in landing the role; tell us about all the new things you have got here at AquaPulse.

Aaron: Basically if you can imagine doing it in a gym, you can do it in our gym. If you want to go on a slide, we’ve got a slide. If you want to go on a really big slide like wet n wild, don’t go to Queensland you can come to us, we have the biggest slide in Victoria so we got lots of big and new exciting things, inflatable’s, playground, spa’s, steam rooms, all sorts. We have a bit of everything which is going to cater to the needs of everyone.