In the past 5 years the fitness industry has started to adopt new technology for both convenience for their members and increasing the club’s bottom line. Industry leaders including Recreation Health Clubs, Active Monash, Victorian YMCA and Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre are organisations who have adopted the new RFID (proximity card) technology for their clubs.

RFID cards have a memory chip in the card whereby Links Modular Solutions can read, write to and store information on them. The use of RFID has been around in various industries but not in the fitness industry as up until now it has been cost prohibitive.

 If cards are not included in your business you can instead have rubber wrist bands, watches, key fobs or a number of other alternatives. This gives greater opportunity for members to choose what they want to use and also greater promotional opportunity.

Some current key Benefits of the technology are as follows:

  • The ability for easier, full access control throughout the club or centre, including gender specific access to change rooms.
  • Access control for membership lockers (no more keys or numbers to remember). Locker doors are alarmed if broken into and you can even assign them to a particular member if you wish.
  • Money can be stored for internal purchases so that members do not have to bring in wallets, etc. This feature is already in use at many of our centres and has proven to increase secondary spending.
  • If you have swimming pools or do not want to use cards then you can use waterproof wrist bands that have all the same benefits. If you want to reward a member you can even give them a RFID sports watch!

Site tours are available in Victoria, NSW, SA, WA and Queensland, so contact our team today to see this amazing solution.