Do you ever think to yourself, “These long reception lines are not a good look for new members”?. Are your current members frustrated with having to line up to receive Group Fitness tickets? Well we agree, and so the LinksKiosk is the solution. This virtual customer service agent can handle membership sales, multi visit pass sales and top ups, along with Group Fitness check in and Casual sales.

Don’t be concerned that you will lose control of your sales and class numbers. The software is completely customisable, allow you to decide what is sold and how. Membership type restrictions allow you to control who attends which classes avoiding free access to classes they are not financial for. With real time integration to your database, it works perfectly in conjunction with the Point of Sale and your reception staff.

With a LinksKiosk, you could eliminate a staff member or more from your reception, either allowing them to complete other tasks or save the money completely. Case studies have shown that kiosks can pay for themselves through staff wage savings in 3 to 6 months (depending on model purchased)


  • Self Serve Kiosk Technology
  • Free reception from lines
  • Payment tenders include Credit Card, Cash & Change
  • Stop multi attendance and free ticketing
  • Membership Sales
  • Visit Pass Sales & Top Ups
  • Feedback submission feature
  • Update Contact details
  • Casual Entry Sales

Customer Kiosk

The top of the range customer kiosk caters for all the features, and allows you to decide what is sold via this technology. Kiosks can be ordered with the payment options you require. These include;

  • Credit Card only
  • Credit Card & Cash with no change (change is returned to the Customer Account)
  • Credit, Cash & Change

For more information on the Customer Kiosk, click here

Group Fitness Kiosk

The group fitness kiosk caters only for group fitness check-in for members. Our most popular model, this kiosk can be placed near group fitness rooms, in customer change rooms, or after turnstile entry. Members simply visit the kiosk, scan their card or touch their RFID data carrier and they are displayed the classes that are available to them based on their membership type. With a simple select of the class they want to attend, they are checked in, and a ticket printed for entry to the class.

For more information on the Group Fitness Kiosk, click here

AAA Kiosk

To ensure you can provide top service to all your customers, an Access All Abilities kiosk model is available for either group fitness or Customer payments. This kiosk is located at appropriate height for wheelchair access.

For more information on the AAA Kiosk, click here