With the advent of mobile technology, consumers are now always looking for the web option.

ActiveCarrot provides 2 vitally important tools to provide this functionality and more for your members, freeing up staff time, and providing a powerful retention tool.

Stage 1 is our Online Customer Portal. Members are able to log on and:

  • Update their address details
  • Pay their outstanding balances
  • Renew their membership
  • Quick reference  their next 2 weeks of bookings, including group fitness classes and personal training sessions
  • View their assessment results online
  • Make online purchases of merchandise
  • Access a library of information, including video, that you create online
  • Communicate one-on-one with their personal trainer
  • Book  and pay for a personal training session
  • Book into a Group Fitness class
  • Pay for Learn to Swim lessons

Casuals are also able to purchase memberships and visits with their details recorded so all they need to do is visit reception to receive their new membership card (or RFID Band!). Casuals can also purchase single visits, with their details recorded for membership sales follow-up.

Personal trainers also get a log in so they can:

  • Modify their availability
  • Communicate with clients
  • Print off a daily calendar, or even have their appointments synchronise with their outlook


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