The PCI DSS compliant Debitsuccess Direct Debit Billing Solution enables you to conveniently, efficiently and securely manage and reconcile the collection of customer payments, all from within your existing Links software. With Debitsuccess youre instantly connected to a seamless Direct Debit and Credit Card billing solution that consolidates every aspect of the payment process from beginning to end. The result is a vehicle that can increase cashflow and revenue recovery whilst saving time and money. And that’s just the beginning.

From the moment your customer provides you with their credit card details, they are submitted to a secure vault for storage, limiting your exposure to credit card fraud, and assisting you to gain PCI Compliance. Each time you process a direct debit, there is no need to upload files to any website, the transactions are seamlessly transferred via Debitsuccess to the banking institutions for processing. Funds are then directly deposited back to your bank account, giving you access to your funds quicker.

Any customers, whose payments fail, are rejected back in the Links database without the need for any manual data entry. Rejected customers can also be automatically sent an SMS or Email of your choice, decreasing the need for manual follow up. Printed letter solutions are also still available with this solution.

Standard Features of Debitsuccess and Links Integration

    • Seamless Transaction Processing
    • One Debit run wizard from Links
    • Security of transactions with no manual files
    • Automatic SMS and Email responses for rejections
    • Decrease manual labour & human error
    • Automated rejection fees
    • Access Control integration
    • PCI risk reduction
    • Vaulted Credit Cards
    • Debit Analysis Reports
    • Next day settlement for CC
    • Daily settlement for Bank Direct Debits
    • Ability to add additional products to Direct Debit
    • Pay pro rata on first debit
    • Integrated cash processing for incorrect/missing details
    • Process scheduling enabling auto sending
    • Real time transactions enabling exact comparison for bookkeeping
    • Integration to applications
    • Automated processing reports
    • Use of your existing merchant*

Optional Features of Debitsuccess and Links Integration

    • All Standard Features PLUS
    • Next day early return of funds
    • Automated next day re-try for CC
    • Ad-hoc payments
    • Online one time real time transactions