Member retention is an ever increasing challenge for health clubs, as is the increasing obesity rate an issue nationally.  ActiveCarrot creates the opportunity for people to live a better life by rewarding their efforts in fitness, health and an improved lifestyle. We reward individuals by providing valuable products and services in exchange for loyal attendance and utilisation of facilities at participating venues. The program has been designed to create maximum benefits for suppliers, clubs and their members for taking part.

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In addition and a compliment to ActiveCarrot is the retention and e-blast modules.


e-blast  is an extremely effective internet-based software program that allows marketing and promotional material to be personalized and delivered to the mobile phones and emails of members, prospects and customers linked to a current database. This software program provides a major advantage by allowing the development of marketing campaigns and promotions to be automated in advance to make it effortless.

You can setup a variety of campaigns including;

  • Welcome
  • Last Visit
  • Birthday
  • Suspension
  • Expiry
  • Once Off

All campaigns can be setup for Email, SMS or MMS.


15c per SMS
95c per MMS


The retention module of Links, caters for in person contacts including providing a welcome pack, phone calls and appointment reminders, and attendance. You can customize a program for all members, visit pass holders and students that you enter into your database, to be setup on a specific program appropriate to them. An example member’s program may include a:

  • Welcome pack
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Program Show
  • Group Fitness Trial Class

All these contacts are then scheduled for each member, providing your team with a simple, ready to go, “to do” list each day. It’s efficiency and automation will ensure your team have a concise and accurate list of contacts to make, and ensure not one of your members falls through the cracks.