SenTAG anti-drowning system in Australia

Developed in Europe, this innovative SenTAG™ system offers a safety management solution for swimming pools that checks individual swimmers via their wristband – monitoring their depth, motion and time.

Sensors mounted on the pool wall monitor if a wristband wearing bathers are approaching preset limits for depth and time. If the user is spending too much time under a pre-set depth the wristband issues a wireless alert via radio and/or ultrasonic transmission to an alarm control unit.

The wristband alarm sounds and the LED lights flash, prompting the swimmer to return to a safer location.

If they fail to respond appropriately, the unit issues a full alert to supervisory staff – a feature which reduces ‘false-positives’, a major problem with many alarm systems.

The SenTAG™ control unit manages the overall system with an easy user interface while also keeping control of all systems components including sensors, electronics and output and input units.
When alarm is confirmed by the control unit, it alerts by light, sound and display information.

Commenting on the technology, Links Modular Solutions Managing Director Don Hartley explains:

SenTAG™ provides individuals with alarmed protection in shallow or deep water, crowded or ’empty’ pools, and is even capable of picking up those in distress before they sink to the bottom of the pool or float to the surface. The system is simple to install, requires no complex building work or expensive cable installation and is straightforward to use.

Intended usage and applications

SenTAG™ is intended for use at in pools of all types including Council and private sector aquatic centres, waterparks and in school, club and hotel environments.

  • Provides a vital safety addition for unsupervised pool environments in hotel and resorts, as well as in residential locations
  • Significantly reduces drownings and near-drownings, particularly among children who are most at risk.

How SenTAG™ device works

  • Supervises every swimmer individually with personally adjusted settings.
  • Communicates via ultrasonic frequencies just like the mammals of the ocean.
  • Supervise all pool areas such as, standard pools, stream canals, wave pools, splash pools from waterslides, caves in adventure pools, below bridges and water cascades.
  • Register depth, time and lack of ‘motion’ (depth changes) below the surface and does not relay on line of sight within the facility.
  • Continuously monitor the system status and alerts the staff if system capacity is reduced.
  • Uses retention units to collect the SenTAG™ security wristbands after use.
  • Has low operating, maintenance and support costs.

Advantages of SenTAG™

  • A higher level of security – due to the human factor and a very demanding environment within bath facilities, human surveillance can never be 100%.
  • Increases the level of security and reduces the risk of missed incidents. The SenTAG™ system alerts staff in shortest possible time and by doing so also reduces the risk of permanent injuries due to a drowning or a near drowning accident.
  • Continuous monitoring of all pool areas within your facility.
  • Easy integration with entrance and access system using the RFID chip that is included in the SenTAG™ wristband.

Watchful Eye that never Rests

  • The SenTAG™ wristband continuously monitors the user while in pool areas.
  • A wristband with personal settings independent of the type of user, a child, an adult, an elderly, or perhaps a person with reduced physical or medical abilities.
  • An assurance that if there is an emergency while in the pool the SenTAG™ wristband will alert staff.

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