LinksUniversity is a comprehensive e-learning centre for the leading facility management software Links. Our e-learning courses include videos and assessments, which test your comprehension so you know where to concentrate your learning efforts. Courses are added monthly providing users with new learning abilities all year round.

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February 2013
End of Term process for Term Bookings in Classes – Everything you need to know! 19th February,



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Customer Service Courses

Exceptional Customer Service has now become a leading component in the vision statements of many organisations. To succeed in these goals, organisations and individuals need to achieve peak levels of performance which means continually improving and being better than your competition.  These courses will assist in training your team members to provide an outstanding customer service experience to your customers.

Admin Setup Courses

Needing to make a change within your database? Or not sure how to set something up in your system? These courses will show team members the backend of Links and clarify settings and processes within the Admin Module.

Daily Operations Courses

Daily Operations is an important part of any business. These team members oversee various departments and ensure all is running smoothly, whilst improving the customer service experience.  Links recognises that to make their job easier, they need to have a full understanding of the Links program and therefore these courses will assist in their proficiency.

Module Courses

These courses will cover in depth the extension modules Links has to offer.  Upon purchasing an additional module, you will be able to self learn the setup of the module and its functions allowing you to setup the new module in your own time. Users will be able to undertake courses, then trial out options in training mode, before setting up in Live. This will enable them to capitalise on the new features purchased.  These courses will be available later in 2013.