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LinksConnect – July 2015

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Welcome back to all our readers of “LinksConnect”, including any new readers who have joined since the last month.  This newsletter on the first Tuesday of every month is our e-communications that will focus on delivering blogs, Links updates, trending topics, case studies, and helpful Links tips.

Through 20 years of building solutions for the leisure industry, the Links team has amassed a wealth of knowledge through partnering in the growth and development of over a thousand facilities across the world.

The purpose of LinksConnect is for our team to share that knowledge. The emphasis of these communications is to keep our valued networks in tune with insights, tips, trends and leading technologies.

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Andrew McKellar
Our most experienced support staff

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Staff Profile

Meet Andrew McKellar, a father of two and mad supporter of Richmond Football Club. Find out which LinksProduct he thinks best represents him and find out who his superhero is.
Read about Andrew here.

Discover Andrew McKellar’s Favourite Product:
The LinksKiosk 


Creating Next Term Bookings
Ensure you have entered the ‘Cost per Lesson’ BEFORE you ‘Create Next Term Bookings’. See our Wiki for further help with this process

free resources

Free tools for your online marketing
Want to be able to do all the work a digital marketer does without blowing your marketing budget? Here is a ‘$0 marketing stack‘ – as well as the paid tools.  

7 things you need to know about legal & tax changes

Turning over the calendar to July brings into effect a range of tax and legal changes you need to be aware of. (Read more from the article)

Top 10 marketing tips for gyms

With increasing competition and the rise in popularity of the 24/7 gyms, competition has never been more intensive. We’ve sourced the Top 10 Marketing Tips for Gyms…. (Read more)

6 Time management steps for better health

Do you ever feel like life is speeding up and you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to? (Read more)

Stay tuned for a big announcement around a customer service product release! We have an exciting development under construction that will benefit all our customers.


Links is in final stages of testing for an Upgrade of software. We are departing from our usual numbering to call this soon to be released – the 2015.2 Release

Please read this document to see if your hardware has the capability to benefit from the new features & functionality. Please plan so that you are hardware-ready for the release.
Be Ready! Read more.

We hope this material has been beneficial for you and your team at your facility. If there is any topic that you would like information on in future LinksConnect issues, drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to cover the subject. Until next month.Sincerely,
Your Links Team





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