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We are very excited to welcome you to “LinksConnect” – our monthly e-communications that will focus on delivering a blog, Links updates, trending topics, case studies, and helpful tips for users of Links software.

Through 20 years of building solutions for the industry, the Links team has amassed a wealth of knowledge by partnering in the growth and development of over a thousand facilities across the world.

The purpose of LinksConnect is for our team to share that knowledge for you.


In this Edition: – June 2015

  • Hot Topic – PCI Compliance
  • Competition –  You could win ….
  • Links Buzz Feed
  • New Release
  • Coming Soon
  • Case Study
  • Helpful Links & Smart Tip
  • Watch Out – Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch


Hot Topic – PCI Compliance

If you run a facility, PCI Compliance is an issue for you.

It’s not a matter of if you have to ensure your compliant, it’s a matter of when.

Already the US market has travelled down the path of compliance and we’ve heard some horror stories of what was found out in the industry with regards to financial records security, and already the Australian market has been warned.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), then we suggest that you read this very informative and succinct article from CIO Magazine.

Those clients who are utilising the tokenised versions of LinksPay, IntegraPay or Integrated Payments have fulfilled one of the key steps in becoming PCI compliant.

We suggest ALL facility managers and owners go here to understand all the requirements to becoming fully PCI compliant.

This change is complex – so therefore will continue to be at the forefront of our industry, until all operators have made the transition across to being compliant.

Unfortunately, some operators who try to delay the financial & time cost of the exercise will be caught and fined (substantially), OR, worse still be involved in a security breach that could involve far more reaching ramifications.

Stay tuned to hear more over the coming months / years …….



38 mm Apple Watch


You could win this Apple Watch.
If you’re going to the ARV Awards Night on Friday June 12th 2015, (Read more)




Links is proud to be able to offer this ‘Track Your Swim’ technology that recently won the Best Wearable Technology  (Measurement) at the Sports Technology Awards 2015 held in London.

Sports Technology Awards 2015 logoUp against some of the largest technology companies in the world ….(read more)


Links Buzz Feed



  *  ARV Awards Night – Links are proud sponsors again this year – Click here to join in the          celebration

*  ARI Conference – 14th & 15th June 2015 in the Hunter Valley. We’d love to meet up with our clients who are going along. Email us to make a time


Releases & Coming Soon ……..

June 2015 Release –

online shoppingFor Active Carrot Clients: – We are proud to announce the Active Carrot team have now          created ‘Public Stores’ (or an e-Shop). This means that you can now sell products and services  from your website.

For more information email us so that we can help you implement your new online shopping functionality.

July 2015 Release –

For Active Carrot Clients: – We are proud to announce the Active Carrot team are currently finishing off Classes for Active Carrot. More details next month in the product release



For ALL clients: – Links is very excited to be launching next month a new Customer Support platform. We are currently finishing off the last details to make the transition as smooth as possible, however, we know its going to bring about a MASSIVE change with you being able to access support information. Stay tuned!


Case Study

Macquarie Uni Sport & Aquatic Centre

   Location: Macquarie University

   Problem: The demand for court space was so high; the volume of member phone calls increased     for booking openings.

   Solution: Member access through online customer portal via Active Carrot allows customers to  log in, see court availability in real time, and make their bookings then and there.

Result: In the first month alone, the online customer portal took over 750 phone calls away from reception. In the second month, this increased to over 1000 bookings done online. Read more here


Helpful Links & Smart Tips

Touchscreen Button Availability Times.
– POS Touchscreen buttons can now be set to only operate at specific Days and Times. Learn more

Free Marketing Templates
– If you don’t have a lot of time to do the marketing of your business, here are free downloadable templates (from Bluewire Media) to bring some process to your marketing. Learn more here


Watch out:  Apple Watch Vs Samsung Gear S

Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S Watch2


The showdown between Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear S and how we imagine you could integrate them into your business operations. (Read the full report here)




We hope some of this material has been beneficial for you and your team at your facility. If there is any topic that you would like information on in future LinksConnect issues, drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to cover the subject. Until next month,

The Links Marketing team –