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12 Steps to being PCI Compliant

If your business collects customer’s credit card details, then you need to be PCI compliant

Being PCI compliant â€˜is a means of building customers trust and protecting your business against damaging leaks of confidential customer information’. 

Uploading payment files to the bank on a USB stick is no longer compliant, as financial details are NOT encrypted. If that file was ever to get into the wrong hands, your organisation would face serious consequences

Although the process to being PCI compliant is a complex and lengthy one, we give you the 12 steps that will lead you to being PCI compliant.

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Industry Profile Series: Operations Co-ordinator
Our Industry Profile series takes a look at personalities and roles within the industry.
Name: Aaron Moore
Position: Operations Co-ordinator
Facility: AquaPulse

Read about how the Gibson native is now coordinating operations for Wyndham’s council flagship facility, due to have its grand opening on July 27th 2015. 

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11 Fitness Blogs you can use
Need inspiration to get valuable messages across to your clients? Here are 11 fitness blogs that give you a range of styles and information to get you started. Continue reading >>
Apple watch vs Samsung Watch
We do a comparison between the latest wearable technologies from the two technology giants.
We also delve into their future uses in the Sports & Leisure Industry. Read here >>
Free Resources…

…for all your promotional flyers.

Canva is a free Marketing design tool that can help your business (no matter how big or small). A great startup Australian company that is ’empowering the world to design’.  If you have no graphic design skills, then – Canva is for you! 

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