Questions with Russell Whyte

Dog or Cat
Cat, always had a family cat

What is your role here at Links?
I am a Clients Service Officer. I analyse and determine the cause of issues and all problems.

What was your previous experience before Links?
I am originally from New Zealand, and over there I was working in a bank as an invoice finance officer, dealing with high risk loans. The role is very similar to letter of credits based on proof of delivery of goods. I enjoyed the risk management and client interaction and seeing companies grow. They’d go from a turn over of 150k to 900k.Although I enjoyed it, I wanted to move to Australia and I wanted a change in career. I’ve always been an IT person but was too settled in finance to move, so when I moved to Melbourne, I decided I was going to work in IT.

How long have you been in Australia?
I’ve been here for 16 months. I wanted to come to Australia because people are happier here, Melbourne has a great culture and an even better quality of life.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?
I’ve been at Links for about 13 months and I’ve really enjoyed my progression in my role. I’ve been getting involved with some branding and development of some of our new systems, so I’m pretty happy about that.

What’s the most common question you get asked in your role?
The most common question is “Why are my perpetual students not showing?”, and the answer is because they haven’t updated their class booking. Firstly, a perpetual student is a direct debit student with no end date. It’s very easy to fix. To prevent heavy loads on the computer system, class bookings need to be updated.

To update a class booking, go into class module, and then into classes and then update class bookings and selecting a from date “prior 3 months from today” and a to date to “6 months from today”.

What’s your favourite part about this job?
Seeing all the new projects and developments into Links, seeing how much Links is growing and how many customers we are getting. Being a part of a software company that is seeing such big growth so quickly is exciting.

What’s your favourite Links Product
Facility, It’s got multiple uses, it’s very organised, easy to understand with flexible options. And the best part is it’s still having developments added to it so it has sheer potential. It will be great to see what it can do later.

What are you most excited for that is coming up at Links?
I’m most excited about Active Carrot extended features.

And now some more personal questions.

Do you have a favourite superhero?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Flight, because I’d save on airfares.

What is your favourite colour?
Green, my car is green.

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