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Lets consider the scenario of a 1000 customer debits, on a fortnightly frequency and the workload that is involved. As new members sign up, we add their direct debit details to the database, members changing details we edit and update, and we ensure contact details are up to date. With many sites the team at Links see, these tasks are allocated to customer service, and then double checked through the membership administration team. Further to that, if a customer rejects, we then send automated communication to those we have accurate details for, and then manually follow up the remainder.

Lets now look at a different approach to this process. For those that need to continue to run debits in-house the team at Links have enhanced the solution to decrease these manual tasks. Firstly all direct debit details are entered securely into a Level 1 PCI Compliant Vault. Here, if a credit card is entered incorrectly, it will not be accepted at this time. This means that customer service can rectify data entry on the fly, and reduce membership admins workload on checking the data entry. Further to that, with LinksGateway, there is no transaction charge for rejected transactions and same day re-tries are free, so you will only be charged a rejection fee if the customer declines on the second try. Some research has shown that a minimum of 25% of first time rejections are collected on the second attempt. If you are spending 5 minutes per customer following up rejected payments, then this could save you hours per fortnight, without you having to change anything except upgrading to LinksGateway.

Lets further enhance this by using some of the transaction cost savings to send more SMS notifications of rejected payments. SMS messages are more likely to be read in a 24hr window than an email, meaning your customer is advised of the failed payment within a speedy time frame. For those you dont have a mobile number for, an email can still be sent before you need to make a manual call.

And now to really round out the solution, are you encouraging your customers to visit the centre to pay, or to call you? We all know how busy we are these days. Why not provide a link to your customers in your SMS or Email, so they can login to their ActiveCarrot account and pay the amount online. All of these aforementioned processes are completed automated by the LinksGateway solution, all from the one process of you running and sending the debit for processing. If you could collect a further 25% of failed payments online, you are now saving more hours per fortnight, and the only thing you need to do is upgrade to LinksGateway, and change a few internal setup processes.

What could you do with those cost savings?

What could you do with those hour?

If the above proposed solutions are what you have been looking for, contact us today to find out more, and have our team show you what your business could save.

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