Team Member Interview profile: Nicole Weston – Software Trainer

We sat down with one of our Software Trainers to find out what her role involves and what she thinks of the Links Product.

What is your role here at Links?

I am a Software Trainer – I mainly do install training and up-skill training. I teach people how to use the system when they install Links or need to up-skill team members.

What is your previous experience? How did you get started into the role?

I worked for over 10 years within swim schools and aquatic centres, who used Links. I managed swim schools, and I enjoyed using Links. Prior knowledge and experience with using the Links Product has been essential for my approach and preparation towards delivering training programs.

So how long have you been with Links?

I have been working with Links for over 2 years.

What’s your favourite part about this job?

I enjoy when things go right, improving people’s processes, and live day is my favourite! Live day is when the Links install goes live at the site, and our clients get to use Links out of the classroom. It is crazy busy but it’s a good stress, rewarding at the end of the day. All your hard work through the training has paid off and when the people you’ve taught can use the system and you get to see their customer interactions, it’s incredibly rewarding.

If you could pick one Links Product that best represents you which would it be?

Classes because of my swim school experience, which represents my passion in life and my past experiences. It can also be set up in a variety of ways to suit different bookings or programs within a facility. With training I am thrown in the deep end and I have to be versatile and a quick learner. I feel like classes is very similar in that way, in that it can be set up in a number of ways to suit different situations.

What’s your favourite Links Product?

Active Carrot because it’s new and I’m still learning it. I wish I had that sort of technology when I was working in the industry.

The features such as bookings, requesting make ups, viewing a child’s progress online, I wish we had that back when I was working because that would have alleviated a lot of work so I can see a lot of benefit from a manager and customer experience perspective.

Other things like paying your fees online so you don’t have to go to a counter, line up in queues, that’s all exciting to me because I can see the benefits so clearly.

What do you like most about Links Modular Solutions?

I like working with the people, we have a really good team of people. And with my particular role, I am never in the same place twice, it’s always different every day, it’s so versatile and non-routine, which surprises a lot of people.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Nicole!

Your Links Team.