Links version introduces a great new feature that is sure to excite all Links users.

Touchscreen Button Availability Times!
Do you have an ‘Early Bird’ Swim Pass that you only want to be available on at 6am?
Or perhaps a ‘Family Weekend Pass’ that should only be purchasable on the weekend?

 Well POS Touchscreen buttons can now be set to only operate at specific Days & Times!

Setting Button Availability Times

1. Open the POS module

2. In the Till menu select Touch Screen Layout


3. Select your Layout ID


4. Select the button you wish to modify


5. Click the Available Times button (in the top right).

6. Enter the Days/Times you wish the button to be active for and click Ok when done


7. Reload POS to see your changes.

8. If the button’s availability is outside of the chosen days/times, the button will still appear on the screen, but will be grayed out and non-selectable. Once the Available Time period is reached the button will become available.